Akk Pedigrees

Siblings of:
(M) Oct 30 2013, , CallName = COSTNER
Altered = NO '16
PedigreeOnFile = V
PedigreeNotes = 26 PUPS UFA3 USA3 SC3 CA1
CoatColor = GRAY/WHITE
Variety = STANDARD
KennelName = TAYLAK
LastKnownLocation = IOWA, US
5GenCOI = *
5GenUniqueTotalPossible = *
OFACERFStatus = TH-NORMAL 12/14, PA-NORMAL 12/14, CA-NORMAL 12/14, EYE-NORMAL 9/14
CHICListed = 102172
Sire CH'PR' TAYLAK SPIRIT O' NORTHERN LIGHTS   (M) Jun 20 2008, CallName=KIT, Altered=NO '15, PedigreeOnFile=V, PedigreeNotes=6 PUPS, A11 URO21 ALGCH1 UFA1 PTE1 MB1 SPOT1, CoatColor=BLACK/WHITE, CoatLength=STANDARD, Mask=FULL, Breeder=JUNE DEMERS, KennelName=TAYLAK, LastKnownLocation=MICHIGAN, US, 5GenCOI=*, 5GenUniqueTotalPossible=*, FactorVII=CARRIER
Dam ALCH'PR' TAYLAK LOOKS LIKE STERLING   (F) Aug 10 2010, CallName=SILVIE, Altered=YES, PedigreeOnFile=V, PedigreeNotes=6 PUPS, SC2 ALGCH1, CoatColor=GRAY/WHITE, Variety=TOY, Breeder=JUNE DEMERS, KennelName=TAYLAK, Owner=LEANNE RITCHIE, LastKnownLocation=ONTARIO, CANADA, 5GenCOI=*, 5GenUniqueTotalPossible=*, OFACERFStatus=CA-NORMAL 4/12, PA-NORMAL 4/12, TH-NORMAL 4/12
Full Siblings
Dam Sibling 1 'PR' TAYLAK CHATELET TIME TRAVELER   (M) Aug 17 2011, CallName=TREK, Altered=NO '16, PedigreeOnFile=V, PedigreeNotes=15 PUPS, SC2 ALGCH1, CoatColor=BLACK/WHITE, EyeColor=BROWN/BROWN, Variety=MINIATURE, Breeder=JUNE DEMERS, KennelName=TAYLAK, LastKnownLocation=ENGLAND, UK, 5GenCOI=*, 5GenUniqueTotalPossible=*, OFACERFStatus=TH-NORMAL 4/13, EYE-NORMAL 4/13, PA-NORMAL 4/13
  1. CH'PR' TAYLAK STERLING EZRIE   (F) Feb 12 2013, CallName=EZRIE, Altered=YES, CauseOfDeath=1/26/24 (10 yrs 11 mos 14 days ) IMPA-Immune Mediated Polyarthritis, PedigreeOnFile=V, CoatColor=BLACK/WHITE, CoatLength=STANDARD, Mask=FULL, Variety=TOY, Breeder=JUNE DEMERS, KennelName=TAYLAK, Owner=LEANNE RITCHIE, LastKnownLocation=ONTARIO, CANADA, 5GenCOI=*, 5GenUniqueTotalPossible=*
  2. 'PR' TAYLAK JOURNEY TO THE STARS   (F) Feb 12 2013, CallName=JOURNEY, Altered=YES, PedigreeOnFile=VERIFIED, CoatColor=BLACK/WHITE, CoatLength=STANDARD, Mask=FULL, Breeder=JUNE DEMERS, KennelName=TAYLAK, 5GenCOI=*, 5GenUniqueTotalPossible=*, OFACERFStatus=HD-EXCELLENT 5/17, TH-NORMAL 3/16, CA-NORMAL 5/15, PA-NORMAL 5/15
Sire Sibling 1 'PR' TAYLAK CHATELET LOOKS LIKE MINK   (F) Aug 10 2010, CallName=LIKA, Altered=NO '16, PedigreeOnFile=V, PedigreeNotes=5 PUPS, UAGI 1, URO1 2, ALCH 1, PTS 1, NC 1, CoatColor=BLACK/WHITE, EyeColor=BROWN/BROWN, Breeder=JUNE DEMERS, KennelName=TAYLAK, LastKnownLocation=INDIANA, US, 5GenCOI=*, 5GenUniqueTotalPossible=*, OFACERFStatus=CA-NORMAL 10/11
  1. SI AN EHD UFA UAG1 MC PTE URO2 A TAYLAK SECOND STAR T'THE RIGHT SPOT 2016 RALLY ALL STAR (TOTAL DOG)   (M) Oct 15 2013, CallName=JACE, Altered=YES, PedigreeOnFile=V, CoatColor=BLACK/WHITE, Mask=FULL, EyeColor=BLUE/BROWN, EyeShape=ALMOND, Variety=STANDARD, Bite=SCISSOR, Breeder=JUNE DEMERS, KennelName=TAYLAK, Owner=JESSICA KING, LastKnownLocation=ONTARIO, CANADA, 5GenCOI=*, 5GenUniqueTotalPossible=*, Comments=EASY GOING, FactorVII=CARRIER, HealthTemperamentIssues=HAD BURST ANAL GLAND, ORAL PAPILOMA AFTER VACCINES
  2. 'PR' TAYLAK'S AMARUQ MIKIJUQ CGC   (M) Oct 15 2013, CallName=AMARUQ, Altered=YES, CoatColor=EX BLACK/WHITE, CoatLength=STANDARD, Mask=FULL, EyeColor=PARTI/PARTI, Variety=STANDARD, Breeder=JUNE DEMERS, KennelName=TAYLAK, Owner=DANIELLE MARIE/ADAM DUNSON, LastKnownLocation=FLORIDA, US, 5GenCOI=*, 5GenUniqueTotalPossible=*